Transportation center to open office in Seaside

New location of the Sunset Empire Transportation District in Seaside. 

The Sunset Empire Transportation District will seek to expand their profile with a new move from the Seaside Outlet Mall to 39 North Holladay, the former home of the Seaside Downtown Development Association.

For the past three years, the district has been renting kiosk office space in front of Rue 21, Sunset Empire Transit District Executive Director Jeff Hazen said Wednesday.

The transportation kiosk is staffed weekdays from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

With the lease coming up, the district sought a new location.

"Where we're going to be on Holladay, that's going to have good food traffic," Hazen said. "We see the potential of reaching out to the tourists here. If they do come by car, leave they can leave their at the hotel. On the weekends during the summer, the streetcar will run down there, and we can give good information on that."

Staffing is yet to be determined, he said, with five-day a week service in the off-season and seven-day coverage in the summer months.

The office plans to offer bus tickets, passes, schedules and information. Monthly passes, which had previously been sold by bus drivers, must be purchased at the Seaside location or the Astoria transit center.

"It's very cumbersome for bus drivers to sell a bus pass," Hazen said. "They need to focus on safety and keeping the bus on time as much as possible."

Along with Seaside, Cannon Beach is a traditionally strong market for the district, he said. "Cannon Beach is very, very supportive of public transit, obviously with all the parking issues, they actually help pay for the service and we expand our service in the summertime. It's a good partnership."

The move is scheduled for Jan. 2.


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