This council election, Robin Risley and Mike Benefield stand out regarding the need to balance the quality of life for residents versus maximizing the profits from tourism.

As a fifth-generation Oregonian and long-time Cannon Beach resident, Robin Risley is superbly qualified and experienced to serve on Council. She has served us well in numerous positions (including the Planning Commission and Parks and Community Services Committee) and has served us at the state level as an Oregon Parks and Recreation Department commissioner. Robin gets things done. She does her homework, is a good listener, has unshakable ethics, and makes good decisions. Risley has proven that she is willing to make the right decision, even when it might not favor her financially.

Similarly, we whole-heartedly support Mike Benefield’s bid for a second term. Benefield has served on the Planning Commission and is currently on Council. As evidenced by his outstanding service on both bodies, Benefield has demonstrated that he will stand firm for what he knows is right and in the best interest of Cannon Beach. We are fortunate that he is willing to give more of his time and extensive talents for our betterment.

Tourism of course adds a great deal to city coffers. Our businesses thrive because of it, and we all benefit when they are healthy. But there can be too much of a good thing. Over-selling any asset brings negative consequences. CB is no secret, and already the increasingly high numbers of visitors are affecting the quality of life for residents. There must be a balance. Robin Risley and Mike Benefield understand this and will continue to protect our village feel for residents first while responsibly managing the impact of visitors.

Jeff and Jennifer Harrison

Cannon Beach


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