What to wear?

Stylish stuff for men and women at Ter Har’s in Cannon Beach.

Years ago, my husband and I were at an event. It was one of those end-of-week things where you steal away for a half hour from whatever you were doing to run in, kiss people on both cheeks, make small talk, congratulate. If you get a chance to swig down a quick drink and eat enough hors d’oeuvres to confuse your stomach into believing you’ve had dinner, so much the better. Or that was the plan.

Not long after our arrival, a man approached my husband to critique his outfit, or, more accurately, the lack of it. It appeared what my husband was missing at this event was a sports coat. The fact he had just come from his office where he never wore a sports coat did not compute. In fact, it didn’t matter. The critic was annoyed by what seemed to him to be a slight, or a sign of disrespect at the informality of my husband’s outfit.

Not long after, we were at another event. This time he wore a sports coat. He also wore a pressed white shirt, a tie, real trousers and leather shoes. A woman who had helped to organize the event approached. She took a good look at what my husband was wearing and told him he needed a new outfit. Her recommendation was for him to lose the white shirt and tie and his boxy, light colored coat and replace it with a good quality black tee shirt and a more fitted black jacket. I looked around the room and that is exactly what all the other men in the room were wearing. Should I mention this was an art event?

You may have noticed the dress code in Cannon Beach is beach casual. This holds true for dining at any restaurant or attending any social or business function. Ever since we’ve moved to the Left Edge, my husband has given up on fancy clothes. There isn’t a single restaurant in Cannon Beach where a man is required to wear a sports jacket, let alone a tie. Shorts, even board shorts, are acceptable everywhere. If you’re wearing a shirt with a collar, you’re already overdressed.

Truth be told, I’m not sure how I feel about this.

I kind of miss men dressing up.

I haven’t talked to too many guys about this, but my impression is men are super happy with the dress code in Cannon Beach. I think a lot of guys if given their druthers would never wear long pants again.

Or a sports jacket.

And feel safe knowing a shirt from Tommy Bahama is really dressing up.

Pretty much the only thing a man can’t wear out to dinner in Cannon Beach is a wet suit.

Which is not to say that men’s fashion here is dead. All a guy really needs to rock a look is a great pair of Birkenstocks and a killer pair of sunglasses.

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