Michelle Duncan King

Michele Duncan King is a licensed massage therapist, registered yoga teacher and personal development coach; she is the owner of Sea Spell Massage in Cannon Beach. She enjoys travel, in particular to spiritual-based retreats; recently she returned from just such a sojourn in the French West Indies.

“Re-immersion shouldn’t have to be so hard,” Duncan King said. Which is why she created “A Soft Place to Land,” a series of workshops meeting the first Thursday of every month to help herself and others hold on to that healing, restorative energy and wisdom one gains on a retreat.

“Access your inner wisdom and find your voice using fun and highly effective tools and processes,” Duncan King said. “For each gathering, we’ll pick a project or topic to explore, but mostly we’ll be letting the places that need to come up to the light just do that.”

Before becoming a licensed massage therapist, Duncan King toiled in the law field for 20 years. “Then my mom was diagnosed with Lou Gehrig’s disease at the age of 53,” she said. “I had an immediate realization that I needed to do work that brought myself and others more joy.” She later expanded her goal to educating people how to better care for their bodies, including after they left the massage table, developing a practice of alignment based yoga, or what she described as kinesio yoga. She also developed a side business of essential being coaching, which is the host entity launching the series.

“Something really special and powerful shows up when women sit together in a safe place, authentically sharing of themselves,” Duncan King said. “Connection, clarity, support, laughter, solutions, and ease appear effortlessly.” She said she’ll be sparking the muse with creative projects and thought-provoking topics to inspire in a non-judgmental atmosphere of self-expression and transformative personal growth.

“Together we can create a safe, warm, and caring place where we can share from our heart, have fun, and learn new life skills,” she said. “And there will be chocolate at every meeting.”

A Safe Place to Land meets the first Thursday of every month at Sea Spell Massage, located at 115 W. Nelchena St. in Cannon Beach. The group meets from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. A $10 donation is requested, although an item with a personal value is OK if cash flow is a challenge. Even granola or avocados as payment are welcome. For more information or to register, call or text.

To register call or text 541-819-0579 or log on to www.cannonbeach.org/event/a-soft-place-to-land.


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