Ready, set, shop!

Consider holiday shopping in Cannon Beach. Yuletides Christmas Shop offers ornaments, figurines and more.

Thanksgiving is over and the fever to holiday shop has begun. It’s been my policy for decades to only give what I love myself, so here is an abbreviated list of gifts I would love to give others and definitely would love receiving myself. Being a “shop local” person, all gifts are available in our neighborhood realm.

Winter dry skin being a thing, I can’t stock up enough unguents by the company Tokyo Milk. I’m addicted to their shea butter crème that comes in a squeezable metal tube. It’s perfect for sliding into my capacious handbag for instant moisturizing anywhere, anytime and the tube never leaks. Right now I’m head over heels with No. 60, Kabuki, a lychee, sugared grapefruit, sweet jasmine and warm vanilla blend. My husband finds it for me at Sesame and Lilies.

Were someone to gift me with a small, almost fit in your hand, bronze wolf from the Bronze Coast Gallery, I would treasure it for the rest of my life. This is a rather spendy gift, however, albeit well worth it. If your budget is more in the hundreds than the thousands, check out the bronze-based jewelry, in particular the necklaces and earrings. Each piece is a work of art, guaranteed.

It’s hard to go wrong in the Cannon Beach Book Company where they have the best selection of new books, as well as art supplies and cards. Lately I’ve taken to carrying a tiny sketchbook around in my bag to wean me off my obsession with Instagram. Both to jot down important notes as well as to sketch, the store also carries my favorite brand of pen, the Uni-ball Vision Elite. If you have a friend who has a pen fetish, trust me, this is a great pen.

Last year a week or so before Christmas I darted into Dena’s Shop on the Corner and grabbed a pair of Liverpool brand jeans. They were on sale; I didn’t even try them on. I swear, they are my most comfortable jeans.

Both my dogs are a bit mad for the scoop-your-own treats at Dogs Allowed where they carry everything you’ll ever need to camp or hike with your canine. Being of the wimpy toy variety, my own dogs prefer relaxing by the fire. That said, they love Puppy Love by the Sea which carries pet food, pet toys, pet beds and possibly the most adorable selection of dog clothing in Cannon Beach. We never forget our fur family on the holidays and you shouldn’t either.

The Wine Shack is anything but a shack but they do have very nice wine and a good selection of it. Supplies are limited, but if you can get your hands on a bottle of their Puffin Oregon Pinot Noir, that is a splendid gift. Is there a leather lover on your holiday shopping list? The belts, jackets, and handbags at Cannon Beach Leather are of the best quality. Thirty-six years in business, they have all the best brands including Andrew Marc, Brighton, and Remy.

No doubt due to all the stress in the world, not the least of it being holiday shopping, more people have turned to knitting. Give your favorite knitter a nice big fat gift certificate to Coastal Yarns where not only do they have premier wool but are also offer a relaxing respite from holiday clamor. On Dec. 5, 7, and 12 the shop is offering afternoon and evening knitting groups. Log on to for details.

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