Wow, government at its best.

I attended a Cannon Beach City Council workshop last night on downtown parking. The discussion was to implement a time limit on parking in downtown Cannon Beach. A city employee, not the firm that did the study, gave a report on a study to the council. He gave the report with his back to the audience; none of us could hear him. I motion to the mayor that we could not hear what was being said, but I was ignored. Pretty much everything that was discussed was said so softly most all of us could not hear. Actually the keyboard typing of the secretary was louder than their voices at times.

As it turned out, they decided to start by Memorial Day weekend with a three hour parking time limit on Hemlock. Not sure about the other streets, I don’t think they addressed that. What is unbelievable to me is that, I know work sessions are between the council members, but I would think at some point there would be public discussion. So I asked after they were moving on to another subject, they indicated at some point they would check with businesses. Well, not sure what that means when they already decided to start it?

It also amazes me that I believe they paid for a study on this issue, but the person that did the study did not talk with any businesses that I know of. I would think that would be a high priority in a study of parking in a business area. Love government that thinks it knows better about what to do than the businesses that rely on that parking for their survival.

Thanks for letting me rant.

Jeff TerHar



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