“Rope and rescue team saves stranded dog off cliffside in state park,” the Dec. 26 article detailing Felix’s dramatic rescue by Cannon Beach Fire and Rescue personnel with Seaside Fire Lieutenant Genesee Dennis scaling a 60-foot sharp cliff face to bring the dog to safety has been widely shared on Facebook. As a long-time dog owner and lover, I’m relieved everyone emerge unscathed.

However, the article didn’t detail the fact that Felix’s owner is a fan of letting her dog run off leash as this helps him “decompress.” It didn’t note that Ms. Stremming had Felix running off-leash through the park — a park that requires dogs to be on leash at all times.

Nor did the article detail that the entire incident — one that put rescuers in harm’s way, took them away from their family and friends at Christmas time, saw expenditure of municipal money, likely caused Felix stress from being trapped on a narrow ledge without food or water, and caused his owner and her friends heartache — could have been avoided had Ms. Stremming simply obeyed Ecola State Park’s leash law and had Felix leashed.

If Ms. Stremming continues to have Felix run off leash, perhaps doing so on her own property or within the confines of a securely fenced area is best.

Dorianne Almann

Hinsdale, NH


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