Guns not appropriate

On Feb. 14, Valentine’s Day, I watched a young man weave his way through the throng of parents pushing strollers, kids licking melting ice cream cones and tail wagging dogs still wet from a romp on the beach. Everybody was happy and having a good time, even this man. What caught my eye was the loaded .45 caliber semiautomatic pistol on his hip. OK, I don’t know if there was actually a bullet in the chamber, but the magazine was in the grip, and, to me, that means it was loaded.

As a Marine who carried the same weapon in Viet Nam, I know how deadly these pistols are. I question the stability of a person who feels they must be armed to walk the streets of our town. Instead of feeling secure in the presence of such a weapon, I wanted to get myself and my family far away from him.

There are places where guns are appropriate. Cannon Beach is not one of them. Instead of protecting, they endanger and that’s not what we’re about.

Gary Wallace

Kent, Wash.


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