Andrew Tonry in his Jan. 1, Cannon Beach Gazette article headlined “Planner deems Nicholson project ‘complete’” captured well the spirit of citizens’ opposition to the project. However he failed to mention that the plan is indeed not complete. Friends of Cannon Beach are dismayed that the applicant, after gaining preliminary approval by the Cannon Beach City Council to create a Planned Unit Development consisting of four houses, is now failing to follow the requirements that the Zoning Code has in place for a PUD.

Section 17.40.040 C.1 of the Zoning Code requires “detailed building and landscaping plans and elevations.” Further, it states, “The final plan shall be sufficiently detailed to indicate fully the ultimate operation and appearance of the development.” The submitted plans do not provide any of this. There are no building elevations only “conceptual footprints” and no detailed landscape plans. Landscape Plan L1.0, as listed on the cover sheet, is missing. No elevations are provided to show what the houses would look like, where the two vehicles per house would park, or how they would gain access to the parking spaces.

The Zoning Code also requires the creation of a nonprofit homeowners association. Since the four houses will have common areas, an organization of homeowners is essential to determine responsibility for maintenance. Can, for instance, the owner of house one create a garden on the common area belonging to the lot where house four is to be built? The applicant is claiming he won’t need a homeowners association, but the code requires one.

In addition, a performance bond is required by the Zoning Code in order to “ensure that a development proposal is completed as approved and within the time limits agreed to.” Again, the applicant claims he doesn’t need one, but the code requires one.

Why City Planner Mark Barnes has declared these final stage three plans as ‘complete’ is a mystery unless he is afraid of the lawsuit that the developer continues to have pending as leverage over the city.

Because this is the first Planned Unit Development ever granted to a developer in Cannon Beach, Friends of Cannon Beach are anxious to see that it is done right. Otherwise, the precedent set by sloppy planning policy will present problems that are easy to anticipate. We urge all who are concerned about effective planning practices in Cannon Beach to attend the Planning Commission meeting at 6:00 p.m. on Thursday, Jan. 28.

Diane Amos

Cannon Beach


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