The Tillamook County Commissioners recently held the first hearing on a proposal for them to appoint the County Surveyor rather than have the voters elect this position. The past practice was to have this position stand for election every four years just like treasurer, clerk, assessor and sheriff.

The reason the Board of Commissioners want to change this to an appointment was not given.

I have been an Oregon State licensed surveyor for 50 years and have practiced in Tillamook County almost exclusively for over 40 years. I have dealt with three different County Surveyors while in the county and all stood for election every four years. I will say that since the surveyor’s office was moved out of the basement of the courthouse, the surveyor’s office has been more efficient and that information is more accessible with the advancement into the internet era.

I do not have any complaints on the present system- the County Surveyor follows the laws pertaining to his duties outlined in the particular Oregon Revised Statues. Information is readily available and his employees are very willing to be of assistance to any inquires. So what is the need for the Board of Commissioners to appoint this position? I submit that appointments made by the Board do not guarantee longevity in the particular appointment. Note the turn over in the Director of Community Development- at least three in three years.

The members of the Board also change with elections and those that follow will have this appointment authority. If the present Board votes to make the County Surveyor an appointed position, we the voters of the County will never have the right to vote on this position of County Surveyor ever.

Do you voters of Tillamook County want to give up this right you now have? Maybe in the future the voters will not have the vote for any of the County positions except for the Board of Commissioners.

Make your opinion known to the members of the Board of Commissioners prior to the second hearing which is scheduled in less than 14 days.

Don’t let the board take your franchise.


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