As a 40+ year resident of Cannon Beach and a two-term Council member, I saw Cannon Beach grow from a sleepy summer-only getaway of 900 residents to a year-round attraction. As Portland, Seattle, Boise, etc have grown, so has the number of visitors to Cannon Beach.

The tax base of Cannon Beach has not and will not be able to keep up with the public services and facilities necessary to serve the hundreds of thousands who visit annually. Police, Fire, Safety, Parks, Roads, City Facilities, Infrastructure, etc [The General Fund] combined outstrip the City’s revenue sources. 70% of the General Fund currently comes from the lodging tax - which at 10.5% (City plus County plus State) is in line with competing destinations.

One thing that all visitors have in common is they eat. Thousands of the visitors who eat in town do not stay in town. A prepared food tax, which outside of Oregon is almost everywhere, and even in Oregon is in Ashland and Yachats, is the only viable path to realistically come up with a much needed additional revenue source. Granted, it does put a burden on those required to collect it - the same burden carried by the lodging industry now.

I don’t see a better way for Cannon Beach to catch up with and keep needed services and facilities financed. I have heard that some people don’t want this tax because some of it is currently being considered for a direly needed new City Hall/Police Station. Or the location of such. To those I say, look at this as a much longer term revenue source than just what the initial revenue may go toward. Look to the next 40+ years! Don’t kick this can down the road.

George Vetter



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