I witnessed the most disgraceful performance of my 30 plus years working with or for ports by an elected official, Stephen Fulton, at a recent Port of Astoria commission meeting. In my opinion, his total disregard for decorum, process and truth is an insult to the many who voted for him in his first bid. It is vital for any level of decency and progress going forward for the Port of Astoria that Fulton is turned back and Jim Campbell is retained in his current position.

During the meeting, which was disjointed due to constant interruptions by Fulton, who sat lazily in his chair smirking and taking great relish in challenging, arguing and pontificating to some unseen audience he seemed to be playing to. His disrespect for the board chairman, the manager and the recently retained legal counsel is an affront to the professional staff, and the mission and vision of the Port of Astoria. Fulton has shown us repeatedly that he respects no one and nothing while he banters for attention as some type of expert, of which he is not.

Fulton told us in his first bid that he wanted to bring an experienced and collegiate personality to the board and assist in mending broken relationships with other agencies; he has done exactly the opposite. His credibility is nil and allowing him to remain on this essential board for all Clatsop County residents will further undermine this port’s ability to succeed.

Tell Fulton NO and re-elect Jim Campbell who has shown dignity and professionalism while serving the port district. And, while you are doing so, check the boxes for Frank Spence and Dirk Rohne who have pledged to re-connect this public body while respecting the voters who deserve better.

Bill Cook



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