On May 16 we have a very important choice to make. That choice is, what kind of Port Commission we want to have. There are three positions up for election. This balloting is for the entire county. In other words, all voters can vote the three positions up for election. There are no boundaries or districts. The commissioners represent all the citizens of Clatsop County, so you may for all of the positions.

There are three candidates who should get your vote. They can help restore credibility and bring much-needed civility and common sense back to the Port: Jim Campbell, Frank Spence and Dirk Rohne. These men all bring experience to the job.

Jim Campbell has been on the Port Commission. He has shown the ability to work with the others on the commission and to be a calming force. Frank Spence has years of experience in finance working as a city manager and county administrator. Dirk Rohne served as a county commissioner and on the Clatsop Community College Board. He understands how to get things done.

The present situation at the Port is, to put it mildly, unacceptable. It seems that daily we read about something, be it costly mistakes that cost the Port money, outbursts at a meeting, or commissioners making accusations of other commissioners. This is no way to operate a Port. By voting for Jim Campbell, Frank Spence and Dirk Rohne, you will help restore order, continuity and just plain sanity to the Port of Astoria.

So join many others and me and vote for Jim Campbell, Frank Spence and Dirk Rohne on May 16.

Bob Lennon



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