Letter to my dogsitter

Instructions can get pretty complicated.

Dear Dogsitter,

First and foremost, I’m so grateful you said yes! It’s so hard to get a pet-sitter around these parts. I know you’ve got a waiting list.

Meanwhile, welcome to our mayhem. And thank you again for agreeing to take care of this crew.

First, a refresher of their names:

The ancient, blind, black and white tiny one is Rinaldo.

The fluffy lame one is Basil.

The beautiful little cinnamon-colored one is Lucy. She’s young, quite young. The other two are old, quite old.

They eat breakfast around 8 a.m. No need to be exact, although Basil will bark at you until you feed him. They have their dinner around 4 p.m. Again, you don’t have to be exact. Their bowls are on the open shelving on the side of the refrigerator. The food is in a bag inside the pantry. There’s a scoop inside the bag. Basil gets two scoops; Rinaldo and Lucy each get one. You’ll have to put a piece of torn-up salami (in the fridge in that meat drawer) and mix it up with Basil and Rinaldo’s food. Lucy gets hers bare. Feed her first and then use a treat (also on the shelving with the dog dishes) to lure her into her crate. I just say, “Crate!” and she dives in. Give her a treat and shut the door. Don’t let her out until the others are finished or she will shove them off their food.

We have a fenced-in yard so there’s no need to walk them out. As far as “out” give them ample opportunities to mosey around the back yard. If it’s nice and you want to leave the sliders open, you can all just hang out. Seriously, don’t walk them. They’re not that easy to walk and Lucy may not go anyway without Basil and she can’t be walked off leash or she will bolt. Long story short, don’t walk them. They’ll be fine. Lucy is playful; you could throw a ball around for her, although she’s lousy at bringing it back. If she gives you a hard time coming back inside the house, just yell “Treat!” and she’ll come running. Obviously you have to give her a treat or she’ll know she’s been lied to and won’t come the next time. She’s clever like that.

Rinaldo should be picked up and carried around. Please ignore his nasty, growling, mean Chihuahua sounds. He has no teeth in any case. He does like to wander around the kitchen looking for crumbs. That is his primary activity. He goes outdoors, but mostly uses wee-wee pads. Very annoyingly, he only will use them once, which is very wasteful, but what can you do? He’s old. Sometimes he misses. That’s where the paper towels come in. There’s plenty on the counter.

If you have any questions or problems, call or text me although I expect this party we’re going to will be rather loud and I might not hear my phone.

I’ve left you some teabags, and the mugs are in the upper cabinet just left of the stove. The dogs drink a fair amount of water, by the way. Sometimes when you wonder what Rinaldo is doing, he’s just walking around, looking for the water. Don’t mind if he barks a lot. He’s just talking.

Hope you enjoy your time at my house!

Thanks again so much, and notice I’ve left you the Wi-Fi password.

Thank you!


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