Let’s be clear: the Breakers Point and Chapman Point HOAs are appealing the City of Cannon Beach’s foredune management plan so they can bulldoze our state-owned dunes in order to improve their own views.

Attempts to convince us they have the dunal ecosystem - or the town’s best interest - at heart are laughable.

Now, the city must pay for a legal defense against their two lawsuits, while also fighting to keep the city functioning and businesses afloat during a pandemic. That’s just too much, even for these two self-serving groups.

Mr. Whitmore says, “(We) deeply care about the vitality of all our community.” Really? Then why did your HOA’s paid lobbyist, Mike Morgan, state in The Cannon Beach Gazette on Dec. 28, 2019, “(A)ll the owners want to do is take the tops off every so often to maintain their views.”

Mr. Whitmore misrepresents the Oregon Department of Geology and Mineral Industries report. It did not state that sand depth varies across the beach because of non-native beach grass. Its author, Dr. Allan, stated in The Daily Astorian on May 23, 2017, “There are many factors that contribute to why sand forms where it does. Sea level, storm waves, wind patterns, erosion, climate change and whether or not it is an El Niño or La Niña year...”

Additionally, Dr. Hacker stated that beach grass accounts for only 10% of the dune height.

Our dunes, anchored by non-native beach grass, protect our town. Ironically, those grasses made oceanfront construction possible.

If you care about our community and dune stewardship, then accept the dunes and rescind your legal actions.

Dianna Turner

Cannon Beach


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