Food for thought

To the editor:

In response to your article dated Sept. 4, 2014, “In a tale of two food pantries, community involvement makes a difference:”

What I am reading and understanding you to say is it’s the community’s collective efforts to obtain monies, donations and support in finding a new site for the Cannon Beach pantry kitchen. In essence, this community needs to make it happen on all fronts!

Think about it!

You are homebound, disabled, fixed income and no vehicle to rely on.

What you are asking the community of Cannon Beach is to go out and solicit monies, location, etc. in accomplishing this task? Not!

Think about it!

Are you as staff writers willing to do this? I think not!

Seaside has already resolved their pantry kitchen issues. The reality, folks, is now in Cannon Beach.

Think about it!

A large percentage (possibly 90 percent or more) of Cannon Beach residents rely on the pantry kitchen, more in the winter months. What? Ask the Cannon Beach residents and businesses to go door-to-door soliciting? Not!

Federal, state and local agencies need to step forward in helping this urgent and dire situation. How many of you, honestly, have put any mileage on your sandals and tennies in fighting for a cause you believed in? I would venture to say very few!

Pull your heads up out of the sand and realize the validity of what you are asking this community to do.

Think about it!

Many people in this community are living a comfortable, cushy life in la-la land. Reality slaps you hard in the face when you have no food or resources to feed your hungry family!

Think about it!

I am a longtime Cannon Beach resident who often relies on food from the Cannon Beach food pantry. I am also deeply grateful to all the hard working and dedicated volunteers who make this pantry kitchen a success. Thank you.

Janice Earley

Cannon Beach


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