Huge thank you

To the editor,

On Tuesday Nov. 11, the Cannon Beach Fire Department was called to service for a possible wildland fire situation taking place on Stimson Lumber Company in the Arch Cape area.

On arrival, units found this to be the case, and the fire was escalating rapidly due to high east winds and dry conditions. Per protocol, additional units were called in to help attack and contain the fire from spreading, specifically into the rural town of Arch Cape. We here at Cannon Beach Fire would like to thank all of the agencies that responded to help attack, contain and prevent the fire from spreading to the homes of Arch Cape.

This was a 24-hour-per-day operation and a first-class effort by all of our Clatsop County fire departments.

We had a second incident with the same Shingle Mill fire on Saturday night, Nov. 15, as the fire rekindled due to high east winds again. Once again, a second alarm was pulled to obtain additional resources.

During this event, we once again received apparatus and manpower from our local Clatsop County fire departments. We appreciate very much the continued support, as this fire, too, potentially threatened the homes in the Arch Cape community.

In addition to the fire support, a huge thank you goes out to all of our community partners who donated and provided much-needed food, water and coffee for the crews. There are simply no words to describe the immense appreciation we have for all of the support, and please know how much it means to the firefighters’ morale on these long and difficult scenes.

A thank you as well to Cannon Beach Police Department Chief Jason Schermerhorn and Lt. Chris Wilbur who covered shifts for a few of our firefighters who work for the police department and are also volunteer firefighters. This goes to show the continued unmatched team effort between the two agencies that is imperative to our making things work. Both Chief Schermerhorn and Lt. Wilbur provided 24-hour-a-day resource coordination of food, coffee and warm clothes for crews. Thank you.

Capt. Matthew Gardner

Cannon Beach Fire & Rescue


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