Fact and truth. Yes Suzanne Weber is a registered Republican, running for State Rep. Dist. 32, ant that is not a sin… Donald Trump is the President until Nov. 3, and the voters will decide at that time.

I have never heard her deny there science behind COVID claims and she always wears her many masks that she has made and avoids large social groups.

As Mayor to Tillamook for the past ten years she was one of the first mayors to ask people to stay home in the beginning days of the pandemic. As you know Tillamook has been fortunate to have a very low instance of the COVID virus. She has been a member of the Tillamook County Health and Wellness group since its beginnings and while she was a teacher, served on the School Dist. 9 wellness committee.

Suzanne Weber taught for 30 years in Tillamook, teaching many of our children over several generations. She serves on the education foundation that raises money for teacher projects and scholarships. It has been said Suzanne Weber wants to cut a billion dollars from Oregon schools. Does that sound like something a school teacher for 30 years would even consider doing? You know there is no truth to that.

It is implied that she takes donations from Koch Brothers. Truth. Koch Brothers own Wauna Mill and they make our toilet paper and are a major employer in House Dist. 32. I do not understand. Koch brothers support our local industry with living wage jobs for our people.

Di you ever wonder why Debbie Boothe-Schmidt is running? Was she hand picked by the same people that picked Tiffiny Mitchell? You had better check it out.

I have always been a registered Tillamook County Democrat. I always vote for the person I think will be the best person for the job. Knowing the ‘Facts & Truths,’ I will be voting for Suzanne Weber, the best person for the job.

Vot, vote, vote!

Barbara Rodriquez


I would like to encourage my fellow North Coast citizens to vote for Suzanne Weber.

Suzanne is someone we can relate to because she is one of us. She taught school for thirty years. Having been a teacher myself, I can relate to her statement “I’ve spent my career helping kids and families right here on the North Coast.”

Having been a co-owner of a small business, I can also agree when she says, “I’m tired of our community having no voice for our values in the Oregon House. Portland is welcome to visit our coastal communities, but the Portland agenda is not our agenda.”

Last, but not least, Suzanne has been a nonpartisan mayor. She has a solid track record in Tillamook of performance and as our representative from here, she can bring our concerns to Salem…because she is one of us.


Lynn Shortman

Gearhart, Oregon


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