I write this letter to our First Responders who are Brave, Strong & Highly Respected.

Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE supports the Fire District! WHAT WE DO NOT support is taxing the unreliable and unpredictable Food Establishments.

There is no, Low Cost Housing in Cannon Beach, no place to live for the locals anymore. All the little houses are being bought up, built-up then become Vacation Rentals. As a result restaurants cannot find enough staff to fill positions. Look around, restaurants are open shortened hours, closing extra days and provide limited seating options. THAT IS NOT NORMAL. It’s not going to get better. Taxing Food Establishments, for 30 years, for your Fire District funding is Extremely Risky. Yet, again, the City somehow will be the weaner if this tax passes. Poor Fire District, it will be required to pay the (City’s) Administration Fee, legal and research expenses associated with the Meals Tax proposal. City takes no responsibility, again. City gets their full 50% while the Fire District is stuck dealing with the City’s baggage. City, let them just go save someone! That’s what they signed up for!

Lastly, Bruce, if your New City Hall is built on YOUR proposed documented Tsunami Zone. Are you going to have employees sign a Hold Harmless Agreement? At least provide everyone with bright orange tennis shoes so.. seriously now....all of us truly concerned citizens can immediately help find your hard working employees.



Mary Ann Oyala

Cannon Beach


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