Dear Editor: Apparently, Mr. Morgan heard nothing that was said by the Cannon Beach residents who spoke intelligently and eloquently about why they were against grading the dunes.

He has missed the point entirely! It is not just that the dunes provide protection and a natural habitat --which they do. It is also that the people of Cannon Beach LOVE the beauty of the dunes and they do not want them graded to provide a few (mostly part-time) residents a better view. Period!

There is no need to belabor this discussion. The decision was made and the City Council deserves kudos for a wise and environmentally sound decision.

The council also deserves praise for listening to, and hearing, the voices of its constituency. And by not being bullied by the veiled legal threats or loud deliveries of those who would grade the dunes for their own financial gain.

Enough already, Mr. Morgan.

P.S.: The analogy about dead leaves piling up in yards made no sense. They are not comparable situations.

Lisa Kerr

Cannon Beach


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