It is my opinion that the city may have misinterpreted the survey results relating to affordable housing.  Most, if not all of us our concerned about affordable housing. Our own According to the U.S. Census, the average home in Cannon Beach pays roughly 50 percent more in property tax than the average home in America. The 10 percent increase in garbage rates approved by the city several years ago seemed excessive as did the 7 percent increase in water rates this year. Our weather related maintenance costs are much higher than the national average.

To use city property and tax dollars to provide housing for U.S. Bank employees, Newport Pacific Corp (Mo’s), Tolovana Inn, Ter Hars, Pig ‘N Pancake, Pelican Pub, Fresh Foods, Schweiterts, etc., etc., seems wrong.  These are great businesses, very generous and considerate with the Cannon Beach residents but are not owned by Cannon Beach citizens.  In fact, the majority of businesses in Cannon Beach are not owned by residents. Many of the old time businesses/citizens already own additional housing in town (Sea Ranch, Conference Center, Johnson Family, Waves, Clark Family, Krupa Family, Hallmark, SeaBreeze, CB Hotels, Lisa Frazier, Martin Family, Stevens Family, Klingermans, Nagles, etc. I’m sure I missed some. Sorry).

There are a number of things the city could do to address this issue without using our property and our tax dollars.  Look at zoning codes, annex some big parcels (Anderson Homestead) and maybe have a discussion about how much business this town wants, needs and can handle.

Ken Quarles

Cannon Beach


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