HD-32 Candidate Debbie Boothe-Schmidt engages in untrue attack ads against Mayor Suzanne Weber. Recent letters to the editor lament the fact that this local season, rife with manipulation and attack ads, is run by out-of-town consultants. I couldn’t agree more.

Let’s set the record straight using facts instead of emotions.

Mayor Suzanne Weber runs a true grass-roots campaign, led by people who were born and raised in Clatsop and Tillamook counties.

Boothe-Schmidt is managed by Portland handlers that run a manufactured campaign. It appears that FuturePac posted an Indeed ad, recruiting her campaign manager, from Texas, who has been in Oregon only since April 2020.

DBS is backed by INCO, a radical organization that is highly organized and funded by outside Dark Money groups.

Of DBS’s last week’s total contributions, 90% were from outside the district.

DBS runs campaign ads that grossly distort truths about Suzanne Weber. Scratch “distort”. Substitute “falsify”.

One ad, declaring that Weber wants to take ‘billions’ from schools is a shocking statement.

Never mind the fact that Weber taught public school for 30 years and was her union’s representative and negotiator.

This ad features a woman, not a teacher, yet implies that she possesses incisive insight into Oregon Education and what motivates Mayor Weber. Could it be that she is a recent transplant that has never taught in Oregon and is instead a manufactured political operative?

Other examples abound.

In the end, this level of dishonesty is shameful. Shame on Debbie Boothe-Schmidt. Shame on her campaign.

Cynthia Malkowski



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