It’s time to Savor Cannon Beach

Steven Sinkler

Savor Cannon Beach is here again; let the wine and food flow!

For the fifth year in a row, foodies and wine lovers from across the Pacific Northwest are trekking to Cannon Beach for a weekend of delicious vino and bites. I can’t wait for it to begin!

Event organizer, Gary Hayes has packed the four days full with exciting activities, including: the Thursday Night “Throwdown”; Friday’s “What Varietal Is It?” and “Battle of the Blends”; Saturday’s “Bordeaux, Burgundy and Rhone” and the Wine Walk; and the “Sparkling Wine and Brunch Bites” session Sunday morning.

Hopefully, Mother Nature won’t deliver the same deluge that she provided last year for the Wine Walk when it absolutely poured cats and dogs. But, if she does, you can follow last year’s crowd — just go with the flow and embrace it! We watched in hysterics as people came in looking like they had gone through a car wash, dumped the rainwater from their glasses and smiled their way to the tasting room!

Of course, The Wine Shack wouldn’t miss being a participant of the event again this year! We’ll be selling many of the wines you’ll find throughout the festivities. We can’t get every one of them, but we’ll have a large selection.

Also, we will be pouring some of the top 2015 Savor Northwest medal winning wines from 1 to 5 p.m. Friday in the tasting room. Then, from 2 to 5 p.m Saturday, we will be pouring Pudding River wines. also in the tasting room. Usually, we have Sean Driggers, Pudding River’s winemaker, handling the pouring responsibilities, but he isn’t able to make the trip this year. Never fear, however; we will have the incredible Lee Roberts pouring Pudding River’s delicious wines, and Lee always does a mighty fine job behind the bar.

There will be 37 or so wineries pouring wine around town in various retail stores, art galleries and restaurants as part of this year’s Savor Cannon Beach Wine Walk. Gary is expecting the Wine Walk to be sold out again this year, which is good news for the Cannon Beach Preschool and Children’s Center because the proceeds of the Saturday event are donated to this well-deserving local charity.

With this many people in town and a huge crowd expected on Saturday in particular, I’d like to pass along some “Wine Walk” tips so everyone can have a great — and safe — time.

Take time to visit one of Cannon Beach’s yummy restaurants prior to participating in the Wine Walk. A full stomach will ensure that you will survive the tastings with minimal impact! Rich, creamy foods in particular, help your body handle the wine you will be enjoying later in the afternoon.

Not a race!

With 37 wineries scattered around town, it’s not possible to visit every location and drink every wine. Instead, check out the map and plan out which wineries and stores you’d most like to visit. If you want to start at The Wine Shack, we’re conveniently located next to the Coaster Theatre, where the Wine Walk begins. Whatever you do, take it easy and pace yourself.

Wine judges and other wine professionals don’t always drink the wine they are evaluating. They take a sip, swirl it around in their mouths, then spit out the wine into the dump bucket. It’s OK to do and doesn’t offend. You can also dump excess wine if your pour is too big. Keep in mind the more wine you spit/dump out, the more you can try.

Each wine station is going to be very busy; about 500 Wine Walkers are expected. Please don’t belly up to the tasting bar and block out the other participants. Instead, after you’ve received your pour, check out some art or look at the store’s merchandise. Heck, it’s a great time to purchase that beautiful piece of art, jewelry or clothing you’ve been checking out, so go for it! (Pardon the obvious plug for my fellow store owners.)

In less than five years, Savor Cannon Beach has established itself as one of the finest wine and food events in the Pacific Northwest. A small team of people work hard all year to give you the very finest food and wine experience. When you combine this with the luxurious hotels and our incredible views, you have an event that is unmatched. We’d love to see you here again next year!

Whatever you do, please remember to drink responsibly. Maryann and I want to see you again soon in The Wine Shack.

Steven and Maryann Sinkler own The Wine Shack in Cannon Beach. His column appears every month.


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