Expedia, the travel giant, recently released a report calling Cannon Beach “one of the best places in the U.S. for a childfree getaway.” Whether or not this is something the city of Cannon Beach was actually aspiring to, it’s really good news for adults on vacation who would prefer to limit their exposure (if not avoid it altogether) to screaming, laughing, crying, frolicking, squealing children.

According to the report, Expedia said they analyzed hundreds of thousands of social media conversations to determine that conversations about childfree travel locales has increased over 100 percent in the last year. Following their own data, they constructed a list of 15 places rated best in the U.S. for childfree getaways. The locations were selected based on criteria including adult-only resorts, childfree restaurants, lodging, attractions and activities. Meredith Castin, a travel writer for Expedia who was involved in creating the report, said, “A place like Cannon Beach is attractive because it offers everything one could want during a childfree coastal getaway: dramatic, beautiful, uncrowded beaches, and luxurious accommodations that cater to an adult clientele.”

Although I am a parent of a 30-year-old person, and I like children, especially when they’re not my own, I can definitely see the appeal of taking a holiday in a relatively child-free zone. Many people feel cranky being around young kids when they’re trying to relax and enjoy themselves. Partly it’s a legal issue. For starters, the presence of children cuts into one’s enjoyment when you’re trying to enjoy your craft beer and craft smoke. And while many adults well into their middle age and older will share how much they enjoy time spent in the company of, say, their grandchildren, other children get on their nerves, tax their patience, and make them want to tell the parents of unruly kids to…well, you know what.

While of course there are children in Cannon Beach (it is, after all, more than a vacation community. Plenty of families with children do live in town), it’s true that unless you’re at Mo’s, it’s a rarity to see kids in Cannon Beach’s myriad restaurants and coffee shops. During the peak summer months, you might encounter children around Haystack Rock and on the beach, but if you’re looking for a fun travel destination to do with your kids, Seaside is a lot more copacetic.

Reading this Expedia article, got me thinking. There may not be many vacationing human children in Cannon Beach, but fur children? When it comes to dogs, Cannon Beach is arms open. For such a tiny community, there are not one, but two, dog related shops. Most hotel and short term rental accommodations allow dogs. Dogs are welcome on the patios of many restaurants and inside many shops. Dogs are on the beach and all over the sidewalks. (Unlike Gearhart, Cannon Beach has a stringent leash law, which I consider a plus.) So if your baby is a fur baby and not a human one, Cannon Beach is a delightful place to bring your little one.


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