I am not writing to badger you about Jeff Nicholson’s Planned Unit Development. My concern is that whatever you decide to do about the applicant’s PUD that it be done in accordance with the city code about PUDs and from the definite recommendations you have received from the Cannon Beach Planning Commission.

Since this will be the first PUD in Cannon Beach, we should all agree that this PUD be done right. If the applicant’s proposal does not comply with the Cannon Beach zoning code for PUDs, then it should be rejected.

Many changes have been made in what was, at first, to be the restoration of an historic house and the building of a small additional house. The applicant apparently lost sight of his goals and has redoubled his efforts, causing much confusion. When the applicant threatened the city with a lawsuit, staff, working from a position of weakness, suggested a PUD. We aren’t, as the applicant’s attorney said, trying to take another bite out of the apple; nor are we just acting like spoilsports because some changes are going to be made to that sloped area.

All that the citizens in opposition want is for the city to require the applicant to adhere to the city codes. Setting a precedent by allowing him to violate them will make it easier for every developer coming to town to threaten a lawsuit in order to avoid conforming with the city zoning code. Historically, Cannon Beach has not caved in to threats like this. Please don’t start now.

Rex Amos

Cannon Beach


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