‘My major achievement of the day is I found your missing sock,” my husband said. This was big news as I’d held on to its mate for nearly a year. Normally if six months goes by and a missing sock has not turned up, the survivor is resigned to the trash bin. But this was a special sock, a red sock, a Christmas sock, and there it was, buried deep in my husband’s closet, clinging to an old sweater.

When December rolls around, I do a lot of rooting. Mostly I root around the closets and the cedar chest and the old armoire. I take a poke around the laundry room, in hopes of discovering where last January I stowed the holiday ornaments. To my chagrin, every year they turn up someplace else. A few years ago, I never did locate any of the twinkly lights or our Christmas stockings. This meant I went out and bought more stuff which means there’s twice as much stuff now to get lost.

I’m not keen on last minute shopping, because that’s when you really break the bank, so I’ve become that person who hoards gifts to give all year. An entire cabinet in my kitchen is devoted to fancy soaps, candles, body creams, perfumes, lotions, potions, and scrubs and other feminine effluvia of the beauty-enhancing trade. Some of these items I buy; others just appear in the mail, courtesy of one of my many jobs, blogging about beauty products.

When it comes to gifts, anything to eat is always welcome. One year we received a large tub of popcorn from The Popcorn Factory featuring six different flavors of popcorn. I was very pleased with this gift and for a week ate popcorn morning, noon and night. I had to keep eating it, because I couldn’t decide which flavor I liked best.

Speaking of sweets, I’d like to mention Bruce’s Candy Kitchen. There are two stores you can visit, one on Hemlock Street in Cannon Beach, the other at the outlet mall in Seaside. Both stores are stocked with mouthwatering temptations including salt water taffy, caramels, brittles, homemade fudge, and popcorns. They have licorice, malted milk balls, cordials, sugar-free candies, and of course chocolates. They have almond and coconut haystacks, almond bark, chocolate covered gummy bears, and chocolate seashells. They make their own gumballs and candy corn. Special for the holidays they’re offering Christmas Twinkies, Nutter Butters, candy cane popcorn and Dutch mints.

Holidays are a time for indulgence and the heck with the dentist, apologies to my own great dentist, Dr. Stephanie White, at Gearhart Dentistry. I know she understands. It would be so easy to do all my shopping for friends and family back East via Bruce’s Candy Kitchen. They offer standard delivery, two-day and overnight delivery if you’re really behind the eight ball.


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