Tiffiny Mitchell

An effort to recall state Rep. Tiffiny Mitchell, D-Astoria, from her elected position representing District 32 in the Oregon House of Representatives was launched in September. Supporters of the recall have up to 90 days to collect 4,883 signatures needed to force a recall election. The signatures are due by Dec. 4.

Members of the group Timber Unity filed a petition on Thursday, Sep. 5 to recall Rep. Mitchell. The group emerged in the legislative session and protested in Salem House Bill 2020, a proposed Oregon bill that would introduce a statewide cap and trade system to reduce carbon emissions.

“I don’t believe this is an appropriate use of the recall,” Mitchell said in a statement that she provided with the Headlight Herald. “They should be used for when situations where an elected official has committed a crime or a major ethical violation, not just because someone disagrees with their policy positions or the outcome of the election. I’m proud to have been able to deliver on the things that I ran on, including historic new investments in our local schools, creating paid family and medical leave, protecting our air, water and land and defending North Coast working families. I am happy to stand on that work and that record whenever I am next on the ballot.”

Timber Unity wasn’t available for comment before time of press but did respond to Mitchell’s statement on their Facebook page.

“Please read the Oregon Constitution,” Timber Unity wrote. “It allows a recall for ANY reason, not just the ones you deem ‘appropriate.’ That why it’s called a CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT! What’s “egregious” is your votes against working families and how you voted to strip us of our rights to vote.”

“At issue are Mitchell’s votes to: pass a cap and trade on families, she said yes to a gross sales tax that voters just said no at the ballot box in 2016, she voted to cut public employee pensions, she voted to reduce $108 million of kicker tax dollars you were going to get back as part of next year’s kicker, she voted to rig elections by voting on bills that would have made it impossible to put the new sales tax to the ballot for a vote.”


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