Tom Helbig (Tomfoolery) launches the continuation of his Tomfoolery Good Vibes Tour, which began in February 2018. He plans to ride around the perimeter of the United States on his bicycle to celebrate the positive people, places, organizations and community projects along the route.

Helbig will use volunteer service and social media storytelling to celebrate the good vibes leaders in our country. During the winter of 2016, he completed the southern route from San Diego, California to Key West, Florida. The ride resumed February 2018 in Key West where he traveled along the Atlantic Coast to Maine.

Helbig recently traveled to Seattle, Washington to begin his bicycle trip down the Pacific coast to San Diego/Tijuana, Mexico. He will officially start his journey at Neah Bay, Washington traveling towards Astoria. He plans, at a later date, to ride across the northern states between Maine and Washington, completing one big loop to remind everyone that good vibes are all around.

“I believe in people and the inherent goodness that lives in all of us,” Helbig said in a press release. “We can behave in manner that divides or we can build community. I hope this long-distance bicycle ride will play a role in bringing people together and celebrate the good vibes leaders in the world.”

Tomfoolery is currently riding through Oregon nearing the towns of Astoria, Warrenton, and Seaside. He will soon be approaching Manzanita and Tillamook. He is open to conversations with media, good vibes leaders and ride partners.

You can follow the journey at Tomfoolery Outdoors on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. All links can be found at You can support the journey and do your part to spread good vibes.

“Spending time on a bicycle can make the world a happier and healthier place,” Helbig said in the release.

The Tomfoolery Good Vibes Tour is an adventure advocacy initiative of Tomfoolery Outdoors. The spirit of the Tomfoolery Outdoors vision lives within the heart and soul of the owner, Helbig. His relentless enthusiasm and passion for getting all types and ages of people to live an active lifestyle is contagious.

Tomfoolery Outdoors is a playful company that encourages people to live an active outdoor lifestyle while making a difference in the world. They hope you will mix in a little tomfoolery. Unleash your inner five-year-old if you are 50 and hang on to your inner five-year-old if you are five. Through their events, promotions and guide services a transformation will take place.

Tomfoolery’s roster of signature events, guide services, adventures and lifestyle merchandise are the megaphone for their message. Give back with a dose of Tomfoolery. Each event will have a non-profit beneficiary to make sure they fulfill the Inspire All part of their responsibility.


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