A string of heavy storms and winds pounded the North Coast this week, leading to high waves in Cannon Beach. One of those breached a concrete barrier and slammed through the ground floor of the Surfsand Resort Friday afternoon at about 12:30 p.m., Ryan Snyder, President of Martin Hospitality, said Sunday. Eleven rooms were impacted. No one was hurt.

The wave was the “perfect culmination” of elements, Snyder said, with high tide, still wind and dunes outside the Surfsand at 148 W. Gower.

“It’s happened before in the past,” he said. “We’ve had water hit the sea wall. There was no wind at the time of the breach, and so there was no wave being knocked down by wind. It was the perfect culmination. We just got hammered.”

Guests and staff were never in danger, Snyder said.

Staff was able to reassign guests to other accommodations. “They were very understanding,” Snyder said.

“We pulled everything out of the room, we’re drying it out and assessing what the damage is,” he said. “We’re still evaluating whether any personal belongings were destroyed. We’re not sure if they were damaged or not.”

Throughout the weekend, trucks worked to pump debris from the first floor, working through scattered downpours Saturday and Sunday.

“It’s nature taking its course,” Snyder said. “We have systems that are in place to help remediate this when it happens, but obviously we need to re-evaluate all of those, so that’s kind of what we’re doing. We’re getting those rooms cleaned out right now and trying to assess what we’re going to do going forward.”



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