Supporters for the Cannon Beach Academy, a charter school in development, will make their case before the State Board of Education Oct. 24.

The hearing, called the “first read,” will be held on the second floor board rooms of the Oregon Department of Education’s Public Service Building, 255 Capitol St. NE in Salem. A scheduled time will be set a week before the meeting.

Kate Pattison, a charter school specialist with the Oregon Department of Education who has researched the academy’s case, will deliver a 10-minute presentation on the academy. She will review the academy’s background, financial situation and reasons for the Seaside School District’s two denials of the academy’s charter proposal.

Pattison then will recommend that the board either accept the charter proposal and become the academy’s sponsor or that the board deny the proposal just as the school district did.

The board, the academy and the Seaside School District will have received the recommendation from Pattison in advance, so each party will know how to prepare its case.

First, the school district representatives will have 15 minutes to present the district’s arguments. Then the academy’s supporters will have 15 minutes to present their case.

At that point, public comments will be allowed for a length of time determined roughly in advance. The school district and the academy will be asked to announce ahead of time how many people will speak on their behalf.

The state board will discuss the matter and ask questions of both sides.

No decision will be made at the Oct. 24 meeting. However, a second reading in December will be scheduled. At that time, Pattison will make another presentation and a final decision is likely.

If the state board accepts the charter proposal, the board will become the legal sponsor of the Cannon Beach Academy.

If it denies the proposal, the academy can pursue a judicial review of the board’s decision, though most charter schools don’t go this route, Pattison said. Barring a judicial review, however, the academy must start over again at the district level if its supporters wish to proceed with the charter school.


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