Some residents have noticed an increase in the incidence of graffiti in Cannon Beach.

Cannon Beach Police Chief Jason Schermerhorn said: “Graffiti does happen from time to time in different areas of the city with no particular pattern.  We have placed some cameras in some of the locations to try to determine who is doing the vandalism.  We are planning on getting more camera’s to monitor other areas to prevent more unnecessary damage.”

Cannon Beach resident Zoe Swain said she wouldn’t be “surprised” to learn there is more graffiti in town now than there used to be.

Swain said she has noticed more people who don’t look like the normal residents coming into town.

“I grew up here and in the last five to 10 years, I’ve seen a shift of people coming to town from Portland or from the city,” she said. They might be bringing graffiti with them.

“I don’t see the local young people doing that,” she said. “We’re getting such an influx of people from the city coming here, it wouldn’t surprise me if they brought that with them.”

Another resident of Cannon Beach, Rachel Speakman, said she moved here from Chicago. When you see graffiti in the small town of Cannon Beach, “it has a very stark, different resonance” than when you see it in a big city.

“In a small town people try to take care of each other and pick up trash,” she said. “If you are from a small town, you have a certain respect” for people’s property. “You would think that’s Steve’s store” and wouldn’t put graffiti on it. “If you’re not from here, you don’t have that kind of mentality.”

“There is a problem with our dumpster on Spruce Street,” she said.  “Someone is putting tags on that.”


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