Sometimes at the Wednesday Morning Meetings, attendees share information about a long-time resident who has recently passed away, perhaps as a way of keeping track of the old Cannon Beach.

At last week’s meeting, someone remarked that a home in Cannon Beach was set to be demolished.

The home located on West 1st Street was formerly owned by Al Aya.

Aya was a former chairman of the Cannon Beach Rural Fire Department District board and “known for spearheading the design and installation of Cannon Beach’s ‘mooing’ tsunami warning sirens,” as stated in his obituary published in 2018 by The Gazette.

Travis Hartnett, who shared the information about the house at the meeting, said a friend of his who knows the wife of the current owner of the house told him it was going to be demolished and in the house was a washer and dryer for sale.

Hartnett later told The Gazette that he went over to the house, talked with the owner and bought the washer and dryer.

He said the house was built in 1931.

The Gazette unsuccessfully tried to reach the current owner for an interview about his future plans for the property. The planning department could not provide any information, probably because the name Aya is no longer attached to the property.

Aya “spearheaded the design and installation of (a) warning system for tsunami threats, the first of its kind in the United States and a model for other coastal warning systems, as stated in the obituary in The Gazette.

“As a joke, he recalled in 2017, because the acronym for our system was COWS — an acronym for “Community Warning System” — “that maybe we could broadcast a mooing sound, Aya said as stated in the obituary.

“While part of the value is definitely for comedic effect, Aya said, having an unusual sound also serves as a built-in education tool.”


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