Red Cross seeks recruits

American Red Cross

For those in Cannon Beach who want to help in the event of a disaster, the American Red Cross is looking to recruit.

Police Chief Jason Schermerhorn and American Red Cross Disaster Program Manager Jenny Carver present a Red Cross recruiting event 5:30 p.m. April 27, at the Chamber of Commerce in the hopes of educating individuals of the services and opportunities available to volunteers.

The event was inspired after a series of storms in October threatened the area. Carver, who was in Cannon Beach to promote the event, remembers trying to reach out to Red Cross volunteers in Cannon Beach, but said she realized there were none at that time.

“It spurred a conversation,” Carver said.

Those who attend will learn about sheltering, disaster preparedness and disaster action team programs, Carver said.

Anyone can come into it with any level of commitment, Schermerhorn said.

“We have lots of small incidents in this area, and it’s great to pull from any resources you can,” he said. “The more people you have trained, the great pool you have to draw from.”

Red Cross volunteers often work closely with other disaster preparedness like the Medical Reserve Corps and CERT, and having volunteers familiar with multiple skills can serve as asset during a disaster, Schermerhorn said.

“Some CERT members may not be needed in a moment, but could help in a sheltering capacity, for example,” he said.

No matter the situation, joining means joining a group of people who have a heart for helping the community, Carver said.

“A prepared community makes a resilient community,” Carver said. “The more families who are trained, the better of the community will be.”

Carver also said to expect a training in sheltering the first weekend of June.

For more information, visit the city website or contact Carver at 503-528-5713 with questions.



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