Cannon Beach City Council on Tuesday, Sept. 7, reduced the penalty level of handheld sparking devices to a level one violation. The council also decided not to prohibit possession of fireworks within the city, but rather the discharging of fireworks. The council adopted Ordinance 20-18 in September 2020, prohibiting fireworks within the city limits.

Discharging of fireworks remains prohibited within city limits, without the written permission of the Oregon State Parks and Recreation Department manager of the beach area. A level one violation is defined as discharging or causing to be discharged any novelties or trick noisemaker, handheld sparkling device or similar fireworks, and is punishable by a fine not to exceed $100 unless enhanced.

Since this was the first year of the fireworks ban, the council held discussions on the number and types of tickets issued after New Year’s Eve and the Fourth of July, the staff report stated. Based on the discussions, at a work session Aug. 10, the council requested the fee level of handheld sparking devices be moved to a level one violation.

“There’s an additional revision that is recommended,” Chief of Police Jason Schermerhorn said. “The word ‘possessing’ was removed from Section 9.16.010. By leaving it, anyone possessing Oregon legal fireworks are at risk of being in violation of the ordinance.”

Schermerhorn said there are some stores that still sell the novelty items. Families from out of town also come with fireworks.

“I think we’re good with these revisions,” Schermerhorn said.

Schermerhorn added that the goal is education.

The council approved the first and second reading of amended chapter 9.16.030 of ordinance 21-06 and adopted the ordinance. The ordinance will be effective 30 days after adoption.


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