Cannon Beach Parks and Community Services Committee discussed at a meeting Thursday, Jan. 21, potential striping and modifying of the city’s tennis courts to create multi-use courts for pickleball.

Chair Jillayne Sorenson said there has been a bit of comment from the public about the courts. This has been a conversation that opens a variety of options.

“I think the initial inquiry to the parks committee was to get our input on the idea of including pickleball in Cannon Beach,” Sorenson said.

Sorenson said this may be a longer conversation but there was general support for pickleball. There were many comments and support for indoor courts, which will be passed on to city council for future projects.

“We’ve had overwhelming support of modifying our courts to make them more multi-use,” Public Works Director Karen La Bonte said.

La Bonte said the courts would be for everyone’s use rather than a specific group. The city does not allow the reserving or restricting of any public space. There has been a lot of input on whether both courts would have striping done or just one court.

La Bonte said the management of portable nets is not something the city can take on, both financially and the staff’s time it would take to unlock, roll out the nets and lock them back up at the end of the day. The nets would need to be locked up each day to prevent vandalism, theft or damage. The pickleball community has said they would accept using the tennis court nets, although they are not ideal.

If the committee decided to require pickleball players to bring their own nets, those that live in Cannon Beach would be required to bring their own, but visitors would not be able to participate because they would not be aware of this rule. Member Barb Knop said when the budget process for the city starts, the pickleball players could make a presentation for funds necessary for buying nets.

Sorenson said the committee is not opposed to letting the pickleball players use the tennis nets. Also, unlike some courts, the city’s tennis courts have lights for nighttime playing. Knop said she would be opposed to locking the facilities at night.

The committee will continue the ongoing discussion at their next meeting at 9 a.m. Thursday, Feb. 18.


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