Not everyone was in a hurry to get from Portland to Seaside. The Portland to Coast Walk Relay offered a more reasonable pace. The world’s largest walk relay, teams left after midnight Friday morning, with up to 12 walkers each.

Among those running were “the Go Go Girls,” with members from the Dalles and Portland. They left Portland at 5:45 a.m. Friday. With a 12-person team, they were able to walk two eight-mile legs each to complete the 129-mile trek.

Their distinctive trademark was black -and-white 60s themed outfits, which many of them sported even in the 90-degree heat of the walk from the city westward.

Their theme?

“We’re the go-go girls,” captain Erin Rue said. “We’re just loving it.”

“This was a great walk compared to last year. It was a little hot yesterday. The temperatures yesterday and this afternoon a lot better. Our message: have as much fun as you can have along the way — and go go girls!” said Pamela Jensen.

“We just really want to spread goodness, we try to motivate, support people, motivate people,” added team member Cindy Beatty.

Joyce Maxwell led a team of 19 participants in Portland to Coast Walk Relay from Mount Olivet Baptist Church in northeast Portland, their third year in the relay. The team included have 12 walkers, three drivers and four members of a support team.

“We left Portland at 2 a.m. after midnight Thursday, from Mount Olivet Baptist Church on North Chautauqua,” Maxwell said. The church's mission is to "benefit those less fortunate." They focus on helping the homeless.


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