“I came here for the beach and the people,” said Jacob Sullivan, operator and proprietor of Victory Barbershop Barbering & Supply, located on Holladay Drive in Seaside.

His wife cuts hair in their other shop in Raymond, Washington, three days a week. “She’s a barber, too,” he said. “You could say we are the real deal ‘mom and pop’ barbershop.”

Jacob is quite serious about going by his first name only, although he volunteered he also answers to “Godzilla,” and “Hey, you!”

Victory Barbershop opened about a year ago on Holladay Drive. He recently swapped one storefront out for another and has been in his new digs since August.

Although Jacob said he spent a lot of time in Portland and considers it a home base, he’s lived throughout the Pacific Northwest, as well as Wyoming and Florida.

“My mom is a nurse and we moved around a lot. I went to nine different schools,” Jacob said. “Growing up, the emergency room waiting area was kind of my day care.”

He has an affection for old-timey things. The décor of his barbershop is classic Victorian layered with a strong 1970s vibe. This visitor found the available reading matter while you’re waiting your turn especially interesting and skewed towards ink and the world of tattoo art.

Toward the back of the shop, in the waiting area, the television series “Supernatural” with no sound but subtitles plays on the screen.

For customers and their friends who are 21 and over, Jacob offers gratis libations from his drinks table and the mini-fridge. Kids are offered appropriate kid-friendly drinks.

On a rainy Friday morning between Christmas and New Year’s Eve, Greg Navratil, a landscape artist, was getting his voluminous hair cut and his beard trimmed in anticipation for a getaway he’s taking with his wife to celebrate their anniversary. The gospel music of William McDowell was playing on the sound system.

The conversation was easy. You get the feeling Jacob is comfortable talking to just about anyone. “I don’t care who you voted for,” he said.

After working in several different trades, including bartending, he said he became a licensed barber in 2010 and never looked back.

“I only cut short hair,” he said. “I like the mechanical aspects of barbering.”

Comparing barbering to sculpture, he said, “With short hair you just keep taking it down until it looks like what you see.”

Although he doesn’t get a lot of requests for shaves these days, hot towels are a specialty. And boy do they feel good. Hot towels are part of his classic barbering experience. Trust me, you want it. It’s like getting a bonus soothing, relaxing treatment.

On social media, Victory Barbershop gets high marks for great haircuts, comfortable seating, and a friendly atmosphere. And after your fifth haircut, your next one is free.

Victory Barbershop is open Friday through Monday 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. They’re located at 10B N. Holladay Drive. The phone number is 503-994-2237. Drop by or text for next availability.

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