Rising sea level

Effects of tides on Siletz Lake in Lincoln City.

The tidal marshes and swamps of our estuaries are vitally important areas for salmon and many other species. These habitats exist in a narrow elevation band between the low and highest tides. As sea level rises, will our current marshes become mudflats or be submerged? Will marshes be able to re-establish on higher ground? Join Lower Nehalem Watershed Council on Thursday, May 10, as we welcome Fran Recht of the Pacific States Marine Fisheries Commission for the next installment of our Speaker Series exploring sea level rise and “landward migration zones.” The presentation will show the results of a study that projected the heights of different sea level rise scenarios onto the Nehalem estuary and estuaries up and down the coast. Recht will also discuss prioritization work that was done to help watershed councils and other conservation organizations plan for conservation and restoration of the areas that may be our future tidal wetlands.

Recht, habitat program manager for the Pacific States Marine Fisheries Commission was the project manager, on behalf of the MidCoast Watersheds Council for the sea level rise modeling project. She is a board member of the MidCoast and Salmon Drift Creek Watershed Councils. Recht also serves on Oregon’s Central Coast Estuary Collaborative and the regional Pacific Marine and Estuarine Fish Habitat Partnership. Her other work includes participation on Oregon’s Ocean Acidification and Hypoxia Council, the Habitat Committee of the Pacific Fishery Management Council and the West Coast Marine Debris Alliance.

The event will be held at the Pine Grove Community House, 225 Laneda Ave, in Manzanita. The presentation will start at 7:20 pm following an update from Lower Nehalem Watershed Council at 7 p.m.


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