Head ‘Northwest By Northwest’ during arts festival

Georgia Gerber's bronze sculpure of a “Sea Hawk” will be unveiled at Northwest By Northwest Gallery during the Stormy Weather Arts Festival.

Northwest By Northwest Gallery — 232 N. Spruce St. in Cannon Beach — celebrates its 30th year with the Stormy Weather Arts Festival.

Friday, Nov. 3

• 5 to 6 p.m.

Foundry process with renowned public sculptor and bronze artist Georgia Gerber. Unveiling of “Sea Hawk” sculpture.

• 6 to 8 p.m. Live music with Bobcat Bob and Sineann Winery.

Saturday, Nov. 4

• 11 a.m. Hazel Schlesinger, Public Choice winner for Plein Air & More Arts Festival. Her paintings can be seen around the world, in TV series, movies and commercials.

1 p.m. Master of fine art film photography Christopher Burkett gives a talk on “how we see color.”

2 p.m. Narrative sculpture of Ann Fleming in bronze tell the stories of our lives. “Midori” is a public sculpture by the artist.

3 p.m. Gerber talks about the process of sculpting “Sea Hawk” and the creative process.

4 p.m. Ivan McLean, a contemporary sculptor. Projects include Nike, Nines Hotel PDX, World Trade Center in Long Beach California and our Landmark Sculpture Garden.

6 to 8 p.m. Reception with artists and live music of Bobcat Bob and Sineann Winery.


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