Fundraiser launched to fund dory fishing history book

Author Peter Lindsey poses for a photo with his new manuscript.

The Cannon Beach Arts Association has initiated a fundraising campaign to publish local author Peter Lindsey’s manuscript, “Just Movin’ the Water Around: Commercial Trolling with the Cannon Beach Dory Fleet.” The book centers on stories of the dorymen who participated in this unique and short-lived fishery.

Lindsey has lived in Cannon Beach since the 1950s. He completed graduate work at the University of Oregon in English, specializing in folklore and mythology. As a folklorist, his interest lies in the study of information, stories, folktales, oral histories, and other knowledge passed from generation to generation in oral tradition. Dory construction, trolling techniques, gear, and fishing wisdom have long been passed down by example and word of mouth. He hopes this book will preserve a measure of this fishing way of life once practiced in Cannon Beach. The Arts Association has established a web site for the campaign on CrowdRise, a fundraising platform that specializes in charitable giving. Donors can visit the web site and make a donation.

Donations can also be mailed to the Cannon Beach Arts Association, PO Box 684 Cannon Beach, Oregon 97110, or made at the Cannon Beach Galley 1064 S. Hemlock St. A donation of $500 of more will secure a dinner for six with Peter Lindsey at the Wave Crest Inn. Donations of $100 or more will receive acknowledgment in the book and a signed copy of the book. The Arts Association will provide a match with an additional $3,000 donation.


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