Police log

By Cannon Beach Gazette

Feb. 15

12:19 p.m., E. Van Buren: A stop sign mounted in a residence is turned in as found property.

Feb. 16

11:12 a.m., Police headquarters: A citizen turns in a found wallet.

Feb. 17.

12:43 a.m., 900 block Fourth Avenue, Seaside: Police assist Seaside police with a domestic disturbance between two females who agree to separate for the evening.

Feb. 18

2:29 a.m., Haystack Rock: Police respond to a report of a boat in distress; the boat is determined to be a fishing boat and not in distress.

Feb. 19

11:17 p.m., 1700 block View Point Terrace: A vehicle with its hatchback open is noticed by officer on patrol; owner notified and the vehicle secured.

Feb. 20

9:42 p.m. Ecola Inn and Beach: A person is cited for careless driving.

Feb. 21

10:45 a.m., Police headquarters: Lost keys are reported.

Feb. 22

11:33 Highway 101, MP 31.5: An injured elk is dispatched. ODOT notified.

Feb. 23

2:04, N. Hemlock: A theft reported is determined to be a civil issue.

Feb. 24

Ten real estate signs from the same agent with the same agency were removed from multiple locations in Cannon Beach as a code violation and for blocking the public right of way.

1:23 a.m., 700 block N. Laurel: Police assist Cannon Beach fire department with a male with a lacerated arm. Officer wrapped arm until fire department and medical personnel arrived. Subject transported to Seaside Providence Hospital for treatment.

Feb. 25

8:00 p.m., Les Shirley Park: Suspicious vehicle reported. Subjects said they would be moving along.

11:23 p.m., Milepost 28: Male subject wanted on a felony warrant was arrested during a traffic stop.

Feb. 26

7:56 p.m., 400 block S. Hemlock: A female fall patient is transported to the hospital by Medix.

Feb. 27

6:03 p.m., U.S. Highway 101: Police assist Tillamook County police with a theft suspect.


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