Possible bed and breakfast site

Proposed site of a bed and breakfast at 547 Antler Road.

Cannon Beach resident Lois Moore won’t be opening a new bed-and-breakfast in her duplex at 547 Antler Road as she had hoped.

The application for conditional use permitting the bed and breakfast went before the Planning Commission on March 28. If approved, this would bring the total number of applications in Cannon Beach to roughly five.

Moore recently closed on the duplex and moved full time to Cannon Beach. She addressed the Planning Commission during the hearing for the conditional use application.

“I’m hoping to appeal to families who have a hard time accommodating five or six people, or couples who want to share the space,” Moore said. “It’s difficult for two adults and children to find space and it’s expensive for them to go out and eat.”

But the commission was focused more on the nuances of the ordinance, which allows for a conditional use permit for bed and breakfast in a medium residential zone, than the vision for the business.

Planning commissioner chairwoman Lisa Kerr described the property as a “short-term rental in B&B clothing. “Just renting out the bottom part of your house isn’t a B&B,” Kerr said. “In most B&Bs you’re a guest in someone’s home.”

Kerr was concerned that approving the duplex for a bed and breakfast would circumvent the oversight usually applied to short-term rentals, which allow occupants either once every 14 days or, if they’re part of the five-year lottery, unlimited daily rental.

Planning Director Jeff Adams recommended approval of the application given that there’s ample parking at the site and that approval would be minimal to city services or surrounding properties.

But the commission kept coming back to the extra room.

Although Moore said that it could be easily converted into a bonus room or a living room, the commission was concerned that there wasn’t a way to monitor that.

A bed and breakfast can have a maximum of two bedrooms but there’s no maximum number of occupants allowed. Short-term rentals allow for 10 occupants, regardless of rooms.

The commission denied the application.

Moore has the option to appeal the decision to the City Council, where it will likely be approved.


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