Tim Josi, a Tillamook County commissioner and former state representative, has gathered the backing of the regional business community and incumbents in the state Legislature in his Democratic campaign for state House.

Josi is running in the May primary against political newcomers John Orr and Tiffiny Mitchell to replace state Rep. Deborah Boone, D-Cannon Beach, who will retire after her seventh term ends in January. He has raised more than $75,000 as of Thursday, April 19, compared to nearly $45,000 for Mitchell and around $13,600 for Orr.

Timber interests Hampton Lumber and Warrenton Fiber have each donated $3,000 to Josi, who also received $5,000 from the Orloggers Political Action Committee representing the timber industry and $1,500 from Teevin Bros. Land and Timber Co.

The Davis Wright Tremaine Client PAC, run by the law firm representing Tillamook and 13 other counties in a $1.4 billion timber lawsuit against the state, also gave Josi $2,500. Clatsop County has opted out of the lawsuit.

“We’ve known Tim for a number of years, because we have a mill down in Tillamook,” said Steve Zika, CEO of Hampton Lumber. “He knows our industry really well. He understands the importance of domestic manufacturing in these rural communities.”

Bornstein Seafoods and Pacific Seafood Group each gave Josi $1,000.

“He is the only candidate to reach out to Bornstein and express an interest in the natural resources industry,” said co-owner Andrew Bornstein.

Grocery giants Kroger, owner of Fred Meyer, and Albertsons Safeway both gifted Josi $1,000. Van Dusen Beverages, owned by former Astoria Mayor Willis Van Dusen, gave Josi $1,500, along with $1,000 from the Soft Drink PAC and $2,500 from the Oregon Beverage PAC representing beer and wine distributors.

“It was just strictly a business decision, no more, no less,” Van Dusen said of his company’s donation.

Josi has also received financial backing from numerous incumbents in the Legislature, including $1,000 each from state Sen. Betsy Johnson, D-Scappoose; state Sen. Arnie Roblan, D-Coos Bay; state Rep. Jeff Barker, D-Aloha; state Rep. Brad Witt, D-Clatskanie; and state Rep. Jeff Reardon, D-Happy Valley. Josi also received $1,000 from Boone’s campaign committee.

Since filing at the deadline last month, Mitchell, a case management coordinator for the state Department of Human Services, has quickly eclipsed Orr in fundraising.

Her largest single contribution, $3,000, came from the Women’s Investment Network Political Action Committee supporting female candidates, followed by $1,500 each from Bob Cary of Sunset Laboratory and Thomas Frazier, a friend of Cary’s.

Mitchell is a member of the Service Employees International Union. She has received $1,230 worth of in-kind contributions from the labor group and an equal amount from the Citizen Action for Political Education political action committee it runs.

“She is a true progressive who shares our union’s values,” the union’s website said in an endorsement of Mitchell. “Tiffiny is committed to protecting vulnerable children, advancing women’s reproductive health, securing affordable housing on the coast, protecting the rights of the LGBT community, and winning fair wages for all working families.”

Mitchell’s website also lists endorsements from the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees and the Oregon Education Association. She has been backed by several conservation groups, including more than $6,000 from the Oregon League of Conservation Voters PAC.

Orr, an attorney, has gathered the fewest big-ticket contributions in the race, albeit the most from locals, including $1,000 each from Astoria company Oceanic Logistics LLC, local activist Kathleen Zunkel and Anne Carpenter, wife of Astoria Planning Commissioner Sean Fitzpatrick.

Vineeta Lower, the lone Republican in the House District 32 race, has gathered more than $5,800. Independent candidate Brian Halvorsen does not have a campaign committee. Lower has received $3,000 from state Rep. Greg Barreto, R-Cove, and more than $2,000 from the Promote Oregon Leadership PAC supporting state House Republican candidates.


Tim Josi, a Tillamook County commissioner and former state representative, has raised $71,280 in cash contributions, taken out $4,000 in loans and received $250 in in-kind contributions as of Thursday, April 19..

• $5,000: Orloggers PAC

• $3,000: Hampton Lumber, Warrenton Fiber Co.

• $2,500: Oregon Beverage PAC, Oregonians for Clem, United Food and Commercial Workers Union Local 555, Davis Wright Tremaine Client PAC, West Coast Mobile Home Parks, Inc., Aspen Meadows MHC LLC, More Housing Now! PAC

• $2,000: Oregon Concrete & Aggregate Producers Association PAC, Coalition for a Healthy Oregon PAC, Oregon Food Political Action Committee

• $1,500: Van Dusen Beverages Inc., Teevin Brothers Land and Timber Co., Oregon Council of NECA Chapters, Cascade Pacific Pulp LLC, OR ASCA PAC

• $1,000: Kroger Co., Albertson’s Safeway, Betsy Johnson, Leslie Johnson, Oregon Soft Drink PAC, Robert Douglas, Friends of Arnie Roblan, Friends of Jeff Barker, Reardon for Oregon, Coalition for a Healthy Oregon, Oregon Certified Public Accountants Legislative Action Committee, Brad Witt for State Representative, Doctors for Healthy Communities, SEED PAC, AG-PAC, Oregon Neighborhood Store Association Political Action Committee, Bornstein Seafoods Inc., Pacific Seafood Group Employee PAC, Boone For State Representative, Oregon Manufactured Housing Political Support Committee

• $500: Weyerhaeuser, Oregon Insurance PAC, Oregon Bankers PAC, Oregon Farm Bureau PAC, Chris Kent

• $250: Joan Kelsey, Future PAC House Builders, Lisa Naito, Leo Kuntz, Owens Hay LLC, Robert Mushen

• $200: Mike McArthur, Mike Phil Logging Co. Inc.

• $150: Ray and Jo Ann Naff

• $100 and less: $950

Tiffiny Mitchell, a case management coordinator for the state Department of Human Services, has raised $18,266 in cash contributions and $26,442 in in-kind contributions as of Wednesday, April 18.

• $3,000: Women’s Investment Network Political Action Committee

• $6,211: Oregon League of Conservation Voters PAC

• $1,500: Bob Cary and Thomas Frazier

• $1,230: Citizen Action for Political Education, SEIU Local 503

• $500: Walter Gorman, Kate Lieber, Chip Shields, Friends of Rob Nosse

• $400: Tom Kelly, Jeff Straub

• $270: Peter Lee

• $250: Future PAC House Builders, Mark Whitney, Friends of Michael Dembrow, Friends of Sheri Malstrom, Tawna Sanchez, Ken Hayes, Philip Shilts, Leah Gibbs

• $200: Debbie Holt, Nikol Aagaard, Nick Johnson, Guillermo Romero, TBA LLC, Cindy Witten

• $130: SEIU Local 503

• $127: Mark Gamba

• $125: Madeline Olson

• $100 or less: $4,944

John Orr, an attorney, has raised $12,382 in cash contributions and $1,258 in in-kind contributions as of Wednesday, April 18.

• $1,000: Oceanic Logistics LLC, Kathleen Zunkel, Anne Carpenter, Robert Adams

• $500: Alice Apkarian, Tom Duncan, William Van Nostran, Elizabeth Johnson, Hashem Akhavan-Tafti, Fort George Brewery & Public House

• $350: Charles Orr

• $300: Sue Skinner

• $250: Future PAC House Builders, Jerome Arnold, Edward Osborn, Ann Gramson

• $200: Debra Bowe, Nancy Ledgerwood, Leon Jackson, Dwight Caswell Studio

• $150: Diane Heintz

• $103: Scott Lee

• $100: Chuck Meyer, Cheryl Johnson, Jerome Arnold.

• $100 or less: $3,429

Vineeta Lower, the lone Republican in the state House race, has raised $3,675 in cash contributions, taken out $100 in loans and received $2,065 in in-kind contributions as of Wednesday.

• $3,000 from Barreto for HD 58 

• $2,065 from Promote Oregon Leadership PAC (682)

• $500 from Angie Frey

• $100 or less: $225



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