HRAP nears the culmination of their 33rd season of education and stewardship. The program’s mission is to protect, through education, the intertidal and bird ecology of the Marine Garden and National Wildlife Refuge at Haystack Rock.

HRAP Rocky Shore environmental interpreters are on the beach during daily low tides from February through October to educate visitors at Haystack Rock about biodiversity found both on and around the rock. Their free public education program offers bird scopes, aquaria stations, interactive visitor displays, and many other fun and exciting educational opportunities.

As of September, the environmental education program had interacted with over 85,000 visitors, ran nearly 70 education programs, rescued and transported 35 birds to the Wildlife Center of the North Coast, and attended more than 100 events with the assistance of 160 volunteers.

The Haystack Rock Awareness Program continues to participate in statewide citizen science projects including black oystercatcher abundance surveys, black oystercatcher nest monitoring, seabird nest monitoring, brown pelican monitoring, sea star monitoring, COASST dead bird surveys and marine debris surveys.

The program reports that the tufted puffins had a good year with preliminary data, showing an increase of nesting pairs from last year. The puffins left Cannon Beach in September.

The new beach wheelchair program has been increasingly popular and has provided beach access to over 265 visitors so far this year. The program continues to accept donations to purchase a third chair. Interested donors should visit to donate or contact program coordinator Andrea Suarez, 503-440-2598,

The Haystack Rock Awareness Program’s official last day on the beach is Oct. 24, from 4 to 6 p.m. HRAP Rocky Shore Environmental interpreters will be on the beach at low-tide, daily, until then. To find their full schedule visit HRAP will return in February.

For more information, contact Melissa Keyser, Haystack Rock Awareness Program Director at 503-436-8060 or email


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