George Vetter not seeking re-election

George Vetter

eorge Vetter will not run for another term on the Cannon Beach City Council.

Vetter was appointed to the council in 2012 before being elected in 2014. He said he is not seeking re-election because he plans to spend more time out of town, making balancing his travel and a rigid meeting schedule more difficult.

“I don’t want to be committed to be here if it’s not convenient,” Vetter said.

He also said that “it wouldn’t hurt to have new blood on the council.”

Before running for City Council, Vetter served on a number of city committees in his 40-year tenure in Cannon Beach.

As a business owner, Vetter said one of the highlights of his term was playing a part in mending a tenuous relationship between the chamber of commerce and the city.

“The relationship between the city and chamber and business community has become much more of a partnership — as it should be. Previously there was always this ‘us and them’ thing, and there is much more of a ‘we’ attitude now,” Vetter said. “That’s something I feel good about, and I think my approach helped make that happen.”

While he plans to spend more time at his other home in Bend, Vetter said he is still invested in Cannon Beach and intends to stay involved.

“Whoever is next, I hope it will be someone with a good foundation in Cannon Beach … someone who understands the town,” he said.

Vetter’s seat is one of three council positions that will be on the ballot in November. The filing period for city candidates opens May 30.



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