The past 36 hours have been very challenging for coastal towns. Fire behavior that is very unpredictable, you need to be updated on the current events. We will be inundated with smoke from several fires for the next few days. Currently the recommendation is to shelter in place and to stay indoors. (Attached) is the full report from Clatsop County Public Health IMT and the Cannon Beach evacuation levels for future use.

Cannon Beach will continue to be under a NO Fire Ban and the Ecola Creek Forest Reserve (ECFR) will continue to be closed until further notice.

Current Smoke Situation:

This morning Clatsop County Public health reached out to the National Weather Service to inquire about the smoke forecast for the coming days. Forecasters indicated that the current East winds we have been experiencing will shift overnight to the South East. This direction will bring the heaviest smoke from the current large wildfires, directly into Clatsop County. The winds will continue to shift till they are onshore (west). At that point the smoke that has already worked its way offshore for the last two days will return, potentially impacting Oregon and Clatsop County a second time.

Public Health Warning:

Public Health is warning all residents to expect significantly poor air quality lasting into this weekend. Please prepare yourselves to respond to hazardous conditions.

Public Health Impacts:

Patients with chronic respiratory conditions such as COPD, asthma, emphysema as well as cardiac disease may experience exacerbations when affected by wildfire smoke.


Stay indoors with windows and doors closed and any gaps in the building envelope sealed. Avoid strenuous activity.

produce dangerous carbon monoxide. Avoid smoking, using wood stoves, and other activities that add to indoor air contamination.

If there is a period of improved air quality, open up (air out) the house and clean to remove dust particles that have accumulated inside.

Humidifiers or breathing through a wet washcloth may be useful in dry climates to keep mucous membranes moist, although this does nothing to prevent inhalation of contaminants.

When riding in a car, keep the windows and vents closed. If comfort requires air circulation, turn the air-conditioning on “re-circulate” to reduce the amount of outside air drawn into the car.

Patients with asthma, heart disease, and others considered at high risk from health effects from contaminant inhalation should be moved to an adequate “clean air” shelter, which may be in their home, in the home of a friend or relative, or in a publicly-provided “clean air” shelter.

Have at least 1 week of any respiratory medications on hand.

Have back up oxygen tanks on hand if you relay on an oxygen concentrator, in case the power goes out.


Stay indoors with windows and doors closed and any gaps in the building envelope sealed. Consider using your basement if one is available.

Avoid exercise or strenuous activity.

See attached Cannon Beach Emergency Evacuation Levels explained.


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