Fire Mountain School
welcomes new teacher


For students attending Fire Mountain School the first day is Sept. 16.

Hannah Nebeker, director of admissions and community relations for the school, is also returning as head teacher of the children’s program.

A North Coast native who has been teaching and working with children for over 15 years, Nebeker draws from her background in Waldorf, Montessori, and the French creche philosophy and combines all three practices in her teaching.

Having studied classical ballet, literature and fine art from a young age, she has a lifelong background in the creative arts and uses music, dance and visual art forms to inspire curiosity and enthusiasm.

Her class focuses on a balance of academics and community building skills to promote confidence and nurture positive academic foundations. Students spend abundant time in creative play, outdoors and with their own community of peers from the other classrooms.

Michael McGlinn joins Fire Mountain as the school’s new elementary class teacher. He brings a background in environmental science, psychology, Spanish and philosophy.

In college, he studied in the Galapagos Islands and Amazon rain forest. Before coming to Fire Mountain, he taught environmental education in Maine, was a marine biologist on fishing boats on the West Coast and Bering Sea and worked locally as a field biologist in the state forest.

A collegiate rower, McGlinn has coached both at the college and high school levels. He enjoys art, music, athletics, volunteering, outdoor activities and traveling. Growing up in Philadelphia, McGlinn explored an alternative educational experience at a Quaker school structured much like Fire Mountain. He teaches academics through intertwining different subjects into real-world scenarios with fun, hands-on activities.


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