Copies & Fax on the market

ERICK BENGEL PHOTO Jeff Womack, owner of Copies & Fax, conducts a transaction with customer Kristi Mathena, of East Wenatchee, Wash. Womack and his wife, Gladys, have owned the business for 19 years.

Jeff Womack, who has co-owned Copies & Fax located at 171 Sunset Boulevard, with his wife Gladys Womack for 19 years, has put the business up for sale and is looking to hand it off to “the first guy that’s got money,” he said.

He has listed the business — which mainly deals in printing, shipping and other business services — with Jeff Etchison, a realtor with Duane Johnson Real Estate. Jeff Womack is aiming to get $100,000, which includes about $70,000 for the equipment (printers, copiers, computers, a paper cutter, etc.).

It would be nice, he said, if the buyer is “somebody that’s really established in town...”

The decision came about because of a recent medical emergency.

On Jan. 29, Jeff Womack almost died of a heart blockage, he said. He had to be revived 12 times through 12 rounds of CPR and spent time at Providence Seaside Hospital, and then at Providence St. Vincent Medical Center in Portland.

“I’m still recovering from that,” he said, adding that he still feels weak, “but I’m back to work.”

That near-death experience, he said, “kind of opened my eyes that maybe it’s time for someone else to have fun here,” and made him realize that “life’s too short to work the rest of my life like this.”

Courtland Carrier, executive director of the Cannon Beach Chamber of Commerce, said he is always disappointed when a business is put up for sale because of the owners’ health issues. “I’m really sad to see that happening,” he said.

Asked if he’s looking forward to leaving the business, Jeff Womack replied, “Some days yes, some days no.”

“When you’ve been doing something this long, some days you’re tired of it and want no part of it. Some days you miss it,” he added. “It’s kind of a quandary, I guess, for me, but I’ll figure it out. It’ll be nice not to work.”

Copies & Fax opened in 1989, and, when he bought the business, Jeff Womack became the fourth owner. He has people on call who occasionally help him out with the business “if he gets in a jam,” but he has no employees.

Though Jeff Womack said he isn’t sure what’s next for him, he said he and his wife may travel together. Gladys Womack, who is retired, is certainly on board with his decision; she is “already making a list of stuff I’ve got to do around the house.”

In addition, Jeff Womack said he will remain the board president of the Tolovana Arts Colony. He is still a Cannon Beach Chamber of Commerce board member.

“We wish Jeff well, and, you know, it’s a very good service for Cannon Beach,” said Chris James, a lawyer based in Portland who owns shares in the corporation that owns the building and property. “We’ve been happy to have Copies & Fax in the building.”

“It’s a necessary business, I think, for our little town here,” Jeff Womack said.


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