Columbia Pacific CCO

Columbia Pacific CCO is offering virtual behavioral health training opportunities for professional and traditional health care workers. This is new for 2020.

“Normally, we host a large summit on substance use disorders,” said Safina Koreishi, MD, medical director for Columbia Pacific. “But with the COVID-19 pandemic, we need to cancel this year. This allows us to help fund some much-needed behavioral health trainings, while at the same time continuing all of the other work we are doing in our region to support treatment and recovery. We are committed to helping develop a high-quality substance use disorder workforce and services in our region.”

Community Reinforcement Approach to Family Training (CRAFT) for clinicians and peers

The CRAFT system helps family members change their interactions with a loved one who is misusing drugs or drinking too much. The aim of the course is help get that person into treatment and recovery. More than 70 percent of families who use CRAFT are successful in getting their loved one into treatment within one year. This training is intended for clinicians who will teach CRAFT principles to patients and families and will be held Aug. 7 and 14.

Community Health Worker

This Oregon State University continuing education class is for community health workers who’ve completed entry-level training and covers mental health, addiction and explores evidence-based services. To register: For reimbursement, contact Tetty Bergin at

Columbia Pacific will also fund up to $1,000 of an Oregon Health Authority-approved Traditional Health Worker certification course. Approved classes can be found at If interested, contact Tetty Bergin at

“We look forward to seeing everyone again at our 2021 Substance Use Summit, Oct. 11 and 12, in Seaside.” Koreishi said. “At Columbia Pacific, our vision is to develop a local trauma-informed network that ensures timely and equitable access, reduces stigma and promotes extensive cross-organizational coordination with a community of long-term support for all substance use disorders.”

About Columbia Pacific Coordinated Care Organization

Established in September 2012, Columbia Pacific CCO coordinates health services for more than 24,000 Oregon Health Plan members in Columbia, Clatsop and Tillamook counties. For more information, please visit


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