CANNON BEACH — At Harding Trading Co., every part of the restaurant is for consumption.

No, it’s not all edible. But as long as it has a price tag, a customer can buy one of the many vintage items that line the walls and adorn the tables of the new French rustic-style restaurant — even some of the tables and chairs themselves.

Whether it be the colorful, antique cookware and glass chandeliers, the cuisine or a space lighted exclusively by candlelight, every aspect of the restaurant is important together, co-partner Jane Harding said.

“You are coming for more than just dinner. You are coming for an experience,” she said.

The restaurant on Beaver Street transitioned from an organic coffee shop into casual French cuisine in mid-April and is managed by Harding, her husband and the Becklund family.

Part of the inspiration came from her French heritage, and a lot from the building itself.

“One day I walked by this building, and it wasn’t for sale, but I just loved it,” she said. “I saw the owner in the building, and something just told me to turn around and ask about it. I knew it was meant to be a restaurant”

From there, design and details started to all fall into place, she said.

“I love the idea of French food because you start with such excellent ingredients. It’s the essence of simple food done well,” she said.

All of the food is made in house, including handmade pasta, butter and fresh-caught fish, she said.

“The only thing we buy are the baguettes,” she said

While the restaurant has only been open for less than month, Harding said she sees keeping up with the growing demand as the next chapter in her vision for the restaurant.

Candlelight and funky French cookware aside, what really drives the ambiance of the place is the crew’s passion, she said.

“Running a restaurant is long hours. Nobody does this unless they love it,” she said. “We are operating from passion first and money second.”

— Brenna Visser


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